I received my 200 hour certification from Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in February of 2014. With a longtime interested in general wellness and a deep desire for a more holistic lifestyle, I came to yoga in 2012 with a goal of increasing my strength and flexibility yet what I uncovered was something much greater than just an increase in bodily awareness. While exploring posture and movement I began to draw connections between my successes as well as my struggles on the mat and off. This allowed me to harness a deeper strength than I knew I was capable of and that power inspired me to take a yoga teacher training so that I may guide an experience of {connection making} for others, using the body as a tool to cultivate awareness. 

When asked "What is yoga?", I answer simply, "An exploration." Be it an exploration through movement, breath, the moment, release, tension, compassion or what have you, I hope to lead an experience that is guided by ease, non-judgement and exploration.

I guide safe, engaging classes full of fluid movement and a deep spiritual connection aimed at letting go of resistance in the body and in the mind. A focus of strength, ease and conscious breath is always integral to my teaching and I deeply look forward to moving through a practice with you!

In light of my relocation to California, I am not currently teaching any classes (and deeply missing my Pradipika family) but rather enjoying all the yoga and holistic living experiences the Los Angeles area has to offer. I hope to begin teaching again soon. 

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